Neil Nedelisky (Owner)
After purchasing Top O’ Scott in 1996, Neil immediately began implementing his vision to create a community that was centered around a beautiful event facility and golf course, so far so good!
Favorite Club: right handed over-the-shoulder wedge
Lisa Walsh (Facilities Manager)
Lisa is the liaison between the event facility and the golf course, the handy women who gets to do a little bit of just about everything.
Favorite Hole: #18, the pond is her nemesis

Danny Nedelisky (Golf Operations Manager)
Danny is the face you'll most likely recognize when you come out to the golf course. He wears a lot of hats -- from organizing events and keeping an eye on the condition of the course to giving lessons and coming up with innovative ways to interact with our community.
Favorite Shot: knock down lob wedge

Tyler Riewer (Creative Director)
Hailing from Nebraska, Tyler displays a knack to look at the golf industry from a perspective that can only be described as out of the box. He is the brains behind the flashy logos and tournament names, and is always looking for a new golf concept that is sure to turn some heads.
Favorite Club: Hubert Green, his trusty sand wedge

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