For more information on being part of Eagle Landing's community, contact Lee Wells
at 971-563-6358.

Live, Work and Play
at Eagle Landing

The master-planned community at Eagle Landing is more than a good design, it’s a complete lifestyle. Seamlessly integrating homes, buildings and recreational areas meet all the needs of its residents and visitors. The visionaries at Eagle Landing are ensuring the “village” will maintain a quality and comfortable standard of life for years to come.

Benefits of a master-planned community:

Promoting Healthy, Vibrant Lifestyles

Currently the all-inclusive community contains housing, recreational areas and open spaces. Offices and retail buildings will begin breaking ground to fulfill our “Live, Work, Play” philosophy. In short, Eagle Landing is an incredible location to settle down.

Creating a Sense of Community

From the beginning gathering places and community cooperation has been a significant part of Eagle Landing’s community outreach and planning. Our master-planned community creates an easy way for you to connect to your neighbors and makes your street more welcoming.

Protecting Beauty and Ensuring the Future

A master-planned community combines modern conveniences and safety with beauty and creativity. Because we encompass these features, our community protects property value.



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