We ask that shirts and shoes be worn at all times on the golf course and within the social area of the property.  We are a soft spike only facility.  Not wearing clothes while playing is not an option at Eagle Landing Golf Course
We ask that all golfers respect the golf course by replacing divots on tee boxes with the sand and seed available at each hole.
Making sure that you keep up with the pace of play is critical to everyone enjoying his or her time on the course.  An average round of 18 holes should take 1-½ hours to play.
Ball divots on the greens are our biggest enemy.  If players don’t take the time to fix the mark that their ball made on the green, you just won’t make any putts!  No one wants to play on bumpy greens so help us out by doing your part in repairing your own.

10220 Causey Avenue | Happy Valley, OR 97086 | 503.698.7888