Here's a look at a few of the things we're currently working on. Suggestions are certainly welcome. Let us know what other kinds of leagues you'd like to see at Eagle Landing!

Polar Bear Club
  Polar Bear Club
This winter we're starting a new club for all of our diehard golfers! Every time you play in the rain or cold, you earn discounts and free stuff. It's totally free, and you get a sweet membership card.

Click here for more info.

Fantasy League
  Fantasy League
Fantasy golf pools for each of the 2010 PGA Majors. Check back prior to each tournament to choose your team and potentially win free golf!

Click here for info and results.

Skins League
  Skins League
A weekly entry-fee based battle on the course with a price on every hole and building carryovers from week to week. Every Wednesday evening in July and August.

Click here for more details.

Ladies Golf
  Women's Wednesdays
Though not technically a league (yet), women of all ages are welcome to play unlimited golf on Wednesdays for just $10.

Jun Golf
  Junior Golf League
An opportunity to let the kids get involved in some friendly competition while learning about the game of golf. Age groups, dates and additional details soon to come.

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